Our Brands

Senorio de Ibros Olive Oil: Chefs John and Shirley are the exclusive U.S. distributors of Senorio de Ibros 100% first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. This olive oil has an especially intense and unique flavor that cannot be replicated or found anywhere in the world but Ibros, the heart of Andalucia, Spain.

The olive oil is extracted and captured immediately after picking through a traditional first cold-pressed process used thousands of years ago. But the real secret is in the piqual olives that come from hundreds of years old trees found only in Ibros.

The pulp from the first cold-pressed olive oil is discarded and then sold to other olive oil cooperatives that take advantage of any remaining use for the oil, which although still olive oil, is no longer extra virgin.

The same is true of the dirt in which the magnificent trees grow. Companies purchase the soil surrounding the trees in the hopes of transplanting and replicating the amazing base of flavors which produce the dynamic, fresh tasting oil. Senorio de Ibros. First Press for the Chef. http://senoriodeibros.com/en/olivo-elaboracion.php

Shirley’s Swamp Salsa: Chef Shirley created her own tangy, zesty salsa with sweet tomatoes, cilantro, a rich blend of black-eyed peas and black beans, Senorio de Ibros Olive Oil, secret spices and ingredients with spicy and calm that pairs with any meal. It’s a perfect dip with guacamole and an excellent side to chicken, beef, pork, fish or seafood. Shirley’s Swamp Salsa. It’s got bite!

Johnny Kabobs Rubs & Spices: Chef John has created spectacular, flavorful rubbing spices to season chicken, steaks, beef and pork ribs, burgers, fish and seafood for grilling, cooking or frying. Johnny Kabobs Spices are perfect for spicing up and bringing out the best in chicken, beef, pork and fish. Use Johnny Kabobs Rubs & Spices to season any meat dish from chili to soup to steaks. Johnny Kabobs Rubs & Spices up every dish.